Coaching Services

Text Box: Full training programs that include a monthly training plan based on the seasonís goals, current fitness level and experience.  These include a cycling schedule, strength and fitness assessment and training program designed around that information.  For local athletes, these programs also include gym membership and group training days.  For those outside the Portland area, video assessments and evaluations of all workouts.  All Training programs offer unlimited phone calls between the hours of 8 am to 7 pm P.S.T. and unlimited emails that will be responded to within 12 hours.
Text Box: Cycling, Strength and fitness assistance schedules for those who simply need a plan to help focus their training.  These include start-up assessment and phone/email 3 per week.
Text Box: Team/Group camps to address specific areas of interest.  These include such things as general track and road, skills, and bike handling.
Text Box: Consulting to address specific issues you would like to improve.

Event coaching for the big race.

Event preparation packages to ready the athlete for such events as the MS 150, Seattle to Portland, Hot 100, etc.

BRIHOP Coaching offers a wide variety of coaching services available to fit your needs and budget.† Contact Brian at for pricing, scheduling and options.

Strength & Fitness† Programs


Race Day Coaching

Event Preparation

Full Service Programs

Team/Group Camps